Kid Reacts to Justin Bieber's Hair With Hilarious Commentary (VIDEO)

justin bieber boySometimes kids say the darnedest things, and sometimes they say things that make so much sense, you think you've raised an insightful genius who will one day rule the world yet still make time to visit you in the home. That might be the case with this little boy who calls 'em like he sees 'em.

He's got a keen eye for style and doesn't let overwhelming excitement cloud his judgement. When something's not right, he'll announce it to the world, and his dad with a flip-cam, with the authority and efficacy of someone at least twice his age. And when this little boy saw his beloved Justin Bieber take the stage on TV, he was at first crazy pumped, then noticed something was amiss. He then says something about Bieber that I think a lot of us have been wanting to say for years, but couldn't muster the courage. He blurts out:


"Bieber looks funny with his hair. His hair looks funny!!"

After he's gotten this off his chest, he's able to laugh about it and point fingers, but for a while there, I thought he might take off his dirty diaper and throw it at the TV in a fit of outrage. He turns the mood around though and starts making fun of his idol ... "Look at it! It's so bad!" ... and suddenly it seems he's forgiven Bieber for the crime we've wanted to convict him of for years. The boy mocks his hero now that he's a false god, an apocryphal god, a god with bad hair.

WATCH the kid react to Justin Bieber's hair:

How funny is this kid?


Photo via YouTube

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