New Evidence Jessica Simpson Is Probably Pregnant

jessica simpsonIt's time for a game of "Is she" or "Isn't she"! Today our subject is the one and only Jessica Simpson whose fashion choices and wedding postponements have us all guessing whether or not she's pregnant. Rumors have been swirling around the 31-year-old fashion mogul for a few weeks now, but while she was promoting her fashion line at a New York City Macy's this weekend, Jess looked like she was hiding something. Something like a human growing in her stomach. Er, wherever they grow. Point is: Jessica looks preggers.

Now! I think we've all fallen victim to some poor fashion choices that may have made us look bulkier in the middle, but it's the overall trend we want to pay attention to. Like how she declined champagne at husband Eric Johnson's birthday party. Ooooh!


Then there's the fact that her wedding keeps getting pushed back and back, and in the photos from her family vacation in Mexico, she wore a blanket the entire time. And now there are the photos of her in an oversized blazer at the Macy's event covering a dress with midsection-slimming beading and draping. Also, she held fans' cute little babies and cooed and ooohed over them like either an expectant mother, or someone who really likes babies. Your call.

Say she is pregnant for a second. Why would she be hiding it? The first thing that pops into mind is that she's not yet at three months. That's a valid reason. Or she could be hiding it just so she gets her name in the news more. Could be a combination of the two, really. Or maybe she wants to run off and marry Eric first before breaking the news, or maybe she's just waiting for Vanessa Minnillo to announce she's pregnant, then sweep in and steal her thunder the next day by revealing that she has her very own baby bump. Sure hope not, though.

We've heard rumors before about Jess being pregnant ('member those mom jeans?), but this might be it. There seem to be a lot of things adding up here, so maybe this time she really is preggers. From watching her old reality show Newlyweds and from reading interviews she's given, I know that she wants to start a family, so if this is it, congrats to Jess!

Do you think Jessica Simpson is pregnant?


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