Giuliana Rancic Isn't Afraid to Hope She's Pregnant

Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic
E! News host and star of the reality show Giuliana & Bill, Giuliana Rancic is one brave lady. She's back in the IVF saddle after her spring 2010 treatment resulted in a miscarriage and another IVF treatment in fall 2010 did not result in a pregnancy. Giuliana and her husband Bill decided to take a break from IVF after that -- for both physical and emotional reasons.

The infertility and IVF journey takes enough guts as it is, but, as Rancic heads into Round 3, she continues to talk about it very openly, and with unabashed hopefulness, which isn't always easy.


In this week's finale of Giuliana & Bill, the couple shared the news that Giuliana would be undergoing her third IVF treatment and even aired a trip to their fertility clinic.

"I'm nervous as hell," Giuliana told Bill as they arrived at the clinic. "Is it too late to turn around?" Giuliana's nerves surely stemmed from not only the obvious stress and worry of TTC and undergoing IVF, but she also experienced extreme pain, sickness, and discomfort during her previous treatments. That just ups the ante along with the fear and dread all the more.

I haven't been in Giuliana's shoes, but I did have multiple miscarriages and scares between my two sons, so I know how unfun this kind of TTC worry and anxiety can be. It becomes an obsession and you become a virtual slave to your body's cycles and the waiting game in between. Then emotionally, when you've tried for so long and had so many disappointments, it gets harder and harder to talk about the process and to hold onto hope at all, let alone share it. I know I got so nervous, I was holding in my hopes in the end, worried that letting them out into the open was somehow going to jinx the possibilities for a viable pregnancy. And that didn't feel good at all.

I believe that hope is healthy, as is expressing hope and sharing hopefulness, especially in the infertility and want-for-pregnancy realm. Because hope spreads hope and good, reassuring thoughts and brings in that sense of calm and optimism you need so as not to completely lose your mind.

I'm proud of Giuliana for being brave enough to talk about her continued journey. It's not easy, but, whether she means to or not, she's speaking up for a lot of women out there who are struggling to find and share hope in their own fertility journeys. And collectively, I think all that hope can only be a good thing.

After hope-inducing words from their fertility doctor, Giuliana and Bill recorded a video message for their future child. "Future baby boy or girl: Today is the day we go in to conceive you. You are a follicle right now, and hopefully all will go well and you will become a beautiful embryo and then a baby."

Sending all kinds of slobbery, giddy, happy, healthy hope to the Rancics!

Did you or someone you know go through IVF treatments to conceive?


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