Angelina Jolie & Gwen Stefani Have the Mother of All Playdates

angelina jolie and gwen stefaniFor a few moments yesterday, a group of London photographers literally sat in the palm of the Lord's hand when they witnessed the most glorious playdate ever to be witnessed by the naked eye: The Jolie-Pitt kids and the Stefani-Rossdale kids. Yes, Angelina Jolie brought Shiloh, Zahara, and twins Vivienne and Knox over to Gwen Stefani's house so her children could have a playdate with Kingston and Zuma.

And the details are everything you could hope for and more.


Apparently, this was more of a reunion for Angelina and the No Doubt singer, who bonded when their babies -- Shiloh and Zuma -- were born six days apart in 2006. Supposedly, the women chatted the evening away while their kids played together like perfect, rich kids only could. At one point, Angelina sent her security guard out to pick up some take-out from Wagamama's, a Japanese noodle restaurant. 

The whole night wasn't that low-key, though. When Angelina and her brood arrived on Gwen's quiet Primrose Hill street, she caused quite the stir. Neighbors -- including Jamie Oliver's wife, Jools, who lives in the adjoining house -- were peeking from their windows, hoping to get a glimpse of the epicness that was about to take place.

The funny -- and adorable -- thing that keeps running through my mind, though, is the fact that odds are neither Angelina's children nor Gwen's had any idea of the momentous occasion that was taking place. I'm sure they were just normal kids, running around, screaming and acting like maniacs. Oh, and apparently there was some sort of face-painting portion to the evening, because when Angelina left, Shiloh and Vivienne can be seen sporting a little rouge on their cheeks and some eyeshadow on their eyes, while Kingston has a bright red nose. 

So, thank you, ladies. Thank you for bestowing upon the world this mother of all playdates. It did not disappoint. And thank you again, Brad and Angelina, for creating the cutest little things that have ever walked the earth.

How epic is this playdate?


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