Violet Affleck Should Not Be Worried About THIS Yet

My daughter is only 4.5 and, at least for now, she is blessedly free of weight concerns. She still thinks the word fat means "tall and long." I haven't yet had the heart to tell her otherwise. She is coming to that age where girls start to notice their bodies and the shapes they have and how they're different from others. And that is the same age she will likely discover the real meaning of the word "fat."

Violet Affleck, just one year older than my kid, has already started to be concerned about the size of her pregnant mom's (Jennifer Garner) bum. Innocently, she asked why her mother's thong doesn't cover it all up. She was concerned about the size.

Of course, her question was sweet and innocent and not at all ill-intentioned, but with time, that will change. Even now, at 5, she already has some understanding of what size a bum "should" be. And that makes me sad.


For most of my early life, I was so skinny I had almost zero awareness of my body. It was only just after puberty that I even became aware that a person could be fat. I remember catching a glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror and wondering: "Is it possible to have a fat arm?"

It was the first time I ever noticed fat on me, and from that day on, it was a struggle to think of anything but fat. I worry very much for my daughter that this same pattern will emerge.

I don't want her to have any idea of what a body "should" and "should not" look like, and even though it's inevitable, I'd like to make it past 5. Even though Garner laughed at it (I mean, what else can you do?), if I were her, it would also make me sad.

It's a loss of innocence and the beginning of an emerging truth that will likely haunt her the rest of her life. Very few girls escape the pressure.

Do you worry about when your daughter sees "fat"?


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