Kourtney Kardashian Finally Lets Us See Mason's Face Injury! (PHOTO)

mason disick kourtney kardashianPhew! Mason Disick, World's Most Stylish Toddler, has suffered no disfiguring injuries. Little guy is as cute as ever -- and check out that hat!

Rumors were flying earlier this week when Mason was photographed being carried by mom Kourtney Kardashian into a plastic surgeon's office with a blanket over his head. Had the pint-sized heir to the Kardashian empire broken his adorable nose? Was his mommy having an uber-Hollywood moment and getting her son kiddie Botox?

And really, how unfair. As a mother-of-two, I know all too well how often toddlers stumble and bump their heads and go reeling into the sharp edges of tables and roll off of beds and ... as Johnny Depp once said, they're like little drunks. It's stressful enough without the gossip!


Clearly, the little boy is perfectly fine. As you can see in this pic, Mason's fall-down-go-boom moment resulted in what looks to me like maybe a couple of tiny stitches and nothing more. I mean, the kid looks pretty happy, don't you think?

And Kourtney doesn't look particularly worried either. In fact, if I had to put a name on that facial expression, I think I'd call it: Really? You think my son had some terrible accident? Then explain to me why he's been running around like a wild man for hours! You'd think after that face-plant he would have learned his lesson! But nooooo, he's still a little daredevil!

Anyway. Now that we've cleared that whole issue up, can we move on to something more important? Namely, where did Kourtney get that bag? I think I might want need it.

Do you know where I can get that bag?

Image via Splash

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