Suri Cruise Is Too Young for Lipstick

I am not usually one to take Suri Cruise to task. I love her style and would totally be dressing my daughter just like her if I had the Cruise bank account. But even I have to draw the line somewhere, and it seems, for me, that line is made of red lipstick.

Suri has 130 pairs of shoes, many of which are heels. She has clothing even I would kill for and she drinks coffee, too. But none of those things bothered me. But red lipstick is just ridiculous and that is exactly what she was spotted wearing in Manhattan last week.

It's sad, really. Childhood is a blip on the course of life, a mere 10 years in a lifetime. So why would anyone want to rush through that?


Sure, my daughter loves to try on mommy's makeup and put on lip gloss and wear my heels. But she also knows those activities are for fun. She would never think she could wear lipstick just out and about. And I would never let her, especially red lipstick, which is dramatic and sexy on adults. On children, it just looks weird.

There is a time and place for everything. It's hard to imagine why her parents feel the need to let her be so grown up so fast. Maybe they think it's cute and harmless and maybe it is. But as a parent, it puts me off.

My daughter has a makeup puff she got as part of a PR gift bag at an event I attended for work. With it, she got some glitter powder. She loves to wear it and tell everyone how much "prettier" she is with makeup (I cringe).

The fact is, little girls are beautiful. There is one time in their lives (and it's so brief) where they won't wear makeup and their skin will be perfect and luminous. Why let them, even for a second, believe otherwise?

If Suri Cruise is a child style icon, she has failed on this one. Big time.

Do you think she is too young for red lipstick?


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