Jennifer Garner's Pregnancy Tips Are Awesomely Simple

jennifer garnerJennifer Garner is at the Toronto International Film Festival today to promote her new movie Butter (a comedy set in the Midwest about a girl following her dreams), but it's not her good reviews that have gotten my attention -- it's her baby bump. Dang! It looks like she got that thing overnight. Guess that's kinda what happens though, with the whole baby-growing-inside-of-you thing. Anyway, Garner looked absolutely stunning in her champagne-colored Valentino gown and, while walking the red carpet, was able to share some of her secrets for balancing two kids under 5 while having one on the way.

Her tip?


She told USA Today that snacks are her savior. "Snacks. We have snacks in the car. We have candy in the car."

Can't say I blame the woman. When kids (and adults) get hungry, they get angry. Snacks are a cure-all. She also dished about what treats she allows herself during pregnancy:

While I'm very good about caffeine, I am also not afraid once or twice a pregnancy to have a half-caf latte. Today is one of those days.

She seems to know how to stay balanced and happy during her pregnancies, and says that other women should also "find ways to be as comfortable as possible and just go with it. It's not an illness, being pregnant. I'm in the easiest part of it."

I wish she'd share her secrets on how she's able to stay so laid-back about it -- that seems like the hardest part about being pregnant. Ah well ... if snacks, a half-caf latte, and staying calm are what Jennifer uses to keep her kids, work, husband, pregnancy, and life in balance, then it's good enough for me! And I don't even have kids. Or a husband. Or a baby bump. But I'll be damned sure to treat myself to some snackeroos and coffee later, Jen Garner-style.

What are your secrets to having a sane pregnancy?

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