Kourtney Kardashian Was Right to Take Mason to the Plastic Surgeon

kourtney kardashian and mason disickEverybody's jumping to conclusions about the way Kourtney Kardashian is handling 21-month-old son Mason's recent boo-boo. See, the absolutely adorable, ever-stylish Mason Disick was running around and did a face-plant (as 21-month-old children so often do) and got some sort of bump/scrape injury on his nose. No biggie. Except then Kourtney was spotted (and photographed) carrying Mason to an appointment with an NYC plastic surgeon (with a blanket on his head). 

That's when people got up in arms, accusing Kourtney of overreacting and being needlessly vain, taking her toddler to a plastic surgeon for a scratch. Those Kardashians.

Um, the thing is, kids go to plastic surgeons all the time now. For relatively minor injuries. It's not even something you seek out as a parent -- have none of these people ever taken their tots to the ER for stitches?


Gone are the days when a kid would show up in the Emergency Room with a bloody forehead/chin/lip and the resident whoever would just sew him back together, 1-2-3. See, that kind of surgical attention to detail is what left our generation with a lovely assortment of lumpy, bumpy, misshapen scars.

Things are different now. When my daughter fell on her chin a few years ago, there was a pediatric plastic surgeon on call to stitch her up. I know plenty of moms who've had similar experiences. Plastic surgeons don't exist solely to rearrange noses and pump up boobs

Why was Kourtney taking Mason back to the plastic surgeon? Because you don't rip your kid's stitches out yourself, obviously! That's what they call a follow-up appointment.

Oh, and I can explain the blanket, too. She wasn't embarrassed or ashamed of Mason's imperfection. Remember what happened when Christina Aguilera took her 3-year-old son out in public with bruises on his face? Oh, she's a drunken child abuser!! Why would Kourtney want to open herself up to those rumors?

Believe me, Mason is fine. He hasn't had a nose job, or butt implants, or a tiny tummy tuck. Leave the kid and his mommy alone.

Has a pediatric plastic surgeon ever treated your kid?


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