Matching Twin Toddlers Steal Sarah Jessica Parker's Spotlight

teddy and julius goldberg
Teddy and Julius Goldberg
I've been on the fence about whether or not I want to see the new Sarah Jessica Parker flick I Don't Know How She Does It. I adored the book when I read it, way back before it was in paperback (and before there was such a thing as a Kindle), and loving a book usually makes me dread the inevitably inferior film adaptation. But THEN I saw this pic, of twins Teddy and Julius Goldberg, who share the role of 2-year-old Ben, son to SJP's Kate Reddy, at the NYC premiere.

And OMG! I don't even care anymore that SJP looks nothing like the way I imagined Kate Reddy when I read the book. I gotta see that movie ... those little boys are adorable!! If only my son were still that small, I'd be Googling "red toddler suit bow tie" like nobody's business.


And those checkerboard sneaks! They look like Vans to me, but I couldn't find black-and-white ones exactly like these on the website, which is a shame, because my son is definitely NOT too big to wear this pair of shoes. In fact, get rid of the velcro and I'd wear 'em myself!

Of course Teddy and Julius effortlessly rocked the NYC red carpet, since the bros hail from Brooklyn. But I have a feeling these two will steal the show wherever they go!

Do Teddy and Julius Goldberg make you want to see I Don't Know How She Does It?

Image via Splash

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