Selena Gomez Makes Biggest Tattoo & Relationship Mistake

Selena GomezCheck out the inside of Selena's wrist!Oh, dear. I hope Selena Gomez drew that fanciful, curly "Justin" on her wrist with a black Sharpie, I really do. Because while the jury's still out on whether or not teens should even get tattoos in the first place, I can say with some conviction that teens should never, ever get tattoos of their boyfriend and/or girlfriend's name.

Not that I ever did anything like that. (Okay, I DID.)

Selena apparently showed up onstage Saturday night in Las Vegas sporting the name of boyfriend Justin Bieber on the inside of her right wrist. (With a little heart, awwww.)

Just in case you forgot, Gomez is 19 and Bieber is 17.


I'm not trying to be cynical or anything, really I'm not. Because I'm sure many (choke, cough) teen romances (snort) go on to last for years and years. Of course it happens! Just like people get struck by lightning and win the lottery and, I don't know, sprout wings and learn to fly.

The problem with teens is that they feel everything so strongly, they're absolutely positively certain those feelings will never change. So of course a permanent (thank god for laser removal) gesture like a tattoo of your crush's name seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Why not? Well ...

The tricky part, I think, is finding a way to talk teens out of this kind of thing without making them feel like you're not taking them seriously. The last thing you want to do as a parent is to make your teen feel like you think her love affair is silly and meaningless ... unless you want her to get married at 18 just to prove you wrong.

Maybe the best we can hope for is to convince teens to put off making big showy commitments like Selena's "Justin" tattoo (if it is a tattoo) for as long as possible. With any luck, by the time that appointment to get inked rolls around, she'll be on to somebody new.

Selena, a Justin Bieber t-shirt would have been enough for now!!

Did you ever get a tattoo of the name of someone you were dating?


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