Kate Gosselin Thinks Money Makes You a Good Mom (VIDEO)

Kate GosselinI was going to try feeling bad for Kate Gosselin for a change. Here she was on the Today show talking to Matt Lauer about how her TV show Kate Plus 8 got canceled and her kids were sad. And then she decided to tell me -- and most American parents for that matter -- how much I suck as a mom.

Did you hear her say it? It was cast as a snide little barb at ex-husband Jon Gosselin, but it was definitely there as she pimped her family out for another shot at reality TV.


The way Kate sees it, if you're working a normal 9 to 5, you're not doing the best you can for your kids. You're "mediocre." She was responding to a quote Matt Lauer read out that was attributed to Jon, who apparently commented on the Kate Plus 8 cancellation by saying, "Reality TV is not a career, and it's time to get back to a normal life."

Kate's response to that?

Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities not unlike every parent.

But don't worry, she knows all us mediocre parents with our regular jobs are devastated that her show is cancelled, so she's set up a website where we can keep track of a much better parent who is hellbent on finding another option to keep herself on TV ... and probably her kids too! You're running over there now, aren't you?

I'm betting I'm going to hear a lot of "you're just jealous" comments from the Kate fans, and I'll say it. Hell yeah, I'm jealous of her ability to sit on morning TV looking all skinny and wearing the kind of heels that would leave me with a broken ankle. I wouldn't mind a book contract. Or some of her money.

Yup. Some. Because the part of Kate's comments that stung wasn't the idea that my regular job isn't as good as hers because I don't work on TV, but the fact that she equates the "best" for one's kids with making as much money as possible. I'm one of those old-fashioned people who believes that you should only have as many kids as you can afford. That said, "afford" means something vastly different to me than Kate ... apparently.

Afford means able to give them three (healthy) squares, a roof over the head, clean clothes that actually fit, and that's more or less where it ends. The rest of it is icing on the cake -- be it the TV in our living room (I grew up without), the computers (shared one with the family and only because my mom was in college), or even the toys. We use the public library. We use the public playground. We need to work regular jobs to survive, but the fact that we don't go camping with Sarah Palin in Alaska doesn't mean our child doesn't get "the best."

She has parents who spend quality time with her, who read books every night and get her off to school every morning, who shower her with love ... plus the roof, the meals, and the clothes. Does that make us mediocre? Sorry Kate, but I don't think so.

Check out Kate's snide comments to Matt Lauer and tell us: do you think she gives her kids better than you give yours?


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