Erykah Badu Will Be the Best Midwife Ever

erykah badu

You know how a lot of the time, musicians make big announcements about some secondary career they're going to start up, like acting or opening up a restaurant or designing clothes, and you're like, Uh, good luck with that one. Like, you're already a successful musician, why you gotta be making us think less of you by putting your name on some ugly jeans?

Erykah Badu becoming a midwife is NOT like that at all. I truly believe the woman has a calling. In fact, if I ever have another baby, I want Erykah Badu to be MY midwife. Seriously. Sign me up.

It makes perfect sense ...


Erykah Badu is already a doula, and the mother-of-three has been vocal for years about her passionate belief in natural childbirth. She even blogged about her experience during the homebirth of her youngest child, daughter Mars Merkaba Thedford.

So clearly this is all familiar territory for the singer. But it's more than her extensive knowledge of the subject that makes me think Badu will be one Badass midwife.

Plain and simple, the woman is fierce. Fierce! She's like an earth mother/warrior goddess/mystic healer/vegan chef extraordinaire all rolled into one. If there's anyone I can imagine giving me the strength and encouragement necessary to go through the drug-free childbirth thing again, it's Erykah Badu.

My only request would be that she bring back the awesome headwrap for my delivery. I know, she hasn't worn the headwrap in years, but I really feel like it would make an excellent distraction from the pain.

Do you think Erykah Badu will make a great midwife?

Image via Erinc Salor/Flickr

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