Jessica Alba Really Knows How to Make Her First Born Feel Special

jessica alba, honor marie warren, grandmaIt's tough being a big sister, especially when you've been The One and Only for three whole years. That's why my heart goes out to little Honor Marie Warren, whose mom, Jessica Alba, gave birth to her second daughter, Haven Garner Warren, just weeks ago. My daughter was 4 years old when my son was born, and while she definitely loved her little bro, the transition from Main Attraction to Yesterday's News wasn't exactly pretty.

So it made me smile to see Alba and her mom taking Honor out for a solo shopping trip at Century City Mall in Los Angeles yesterday. I know that parenting trick! It's called Hey, let's take you out for a special big girls only day, because even though there's this new person taking up all my time, Mommy still loves you!


Yup, I know that trick and I know it well. And let me tell you, anything goes on those older-sibling outings, as the shots of Alba, Honor, and Grandma prove (other pics, not shown, feature Honor with a balloon and sipping on a smoothie): Of course you can have a red balloon! Sure, we'll push you around in that fire truck cart thing-y! Whatever you want! It's your day!

Luckily, disposable income is not an issue for Alba. A word of warning to those of you from a slightly lower-than-Hollywood-star tax bracket: Don't set a pricey pattern! There was a kids' shoe boutique in our neighborhood when my daughter was having her big sister troubles, and yikes! Too bad about your college fund, we blew it all on toddler footwear. Seriously, her nickname for awhile was Imelda.

Anyway, balloons are cheaper than shoes.

Do you take your toddler out on special "big sibling" outings?


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