Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Changes Her Name to 'Ben'

shiloh jolie-pitt, angelina jolie, zaharaShiloh Jolie-Pitt rocks a red dino shirtPoor Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Well, not really. The kid has a pretty sweet life. But I can only assume the "Angelina Jolie is trying to turn Shiloh into a boy" and the "Oooh, Shiloh is clearly going to be a lesbian" rumors are going to blow up once this news gets out ...

Apparently the 5-year-old is obsessed with the cartoon character Ben 10. So obsessed, in fact, that she insists on dressing like him every day (white t-shirt with logo and green pants). She also prefers to be called "Ben" and says that her magic wristwatch can turn her into an alien (Ben's watch has similar extraterrestrial powers).

Um, so what? First of all, she clearly has method acting in her genes. Plus, she's a little kid! When will people realize that gender-bending is a perfectly normal phase?


Both of my kids, not to mention most other children I've known, did Shiloh-esque things when they were small. When my daughter Charlotte was a toddler, she was obsessed with the Disney movie The Jungle Book. In case you're not familiar with the flick, the main character, Mowgli, is a little boy who essentially spends the entire movie wearing nothing but red underpants.

So guess what my daughter wanted to wear?

Wait, let me rephrase: Guess what was the only thing my daughter would wear?

Yup. Here's a sample conversation with my daughter from that time period:

Me: Honey, you can't wear just underpants to the playground.

Charlotte: Yes. Like boy jungle.

Me: But we don't live in the jungle. We live in Brooklyn. We wear clothes here.

Charlotte: NO!!!! LIKE BOY JUNGLE!!!

Now my daughter is 10, and she is neither a tomboy nor an exhibitionist. And my son, for the record, has outgrown wanting to dress up like a nun. (Don't ask. There was this box, with old Halloween costumes ... whatever.)

The point of my rather disjointed story is: Kids have big imaginations! And they like to dress up! Relax, gender-police!

Does your kid dress up like characters of the opposite sex?


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