Rebecca Gayheart Shares Secret to a Zen Pregnancy

Rebecca GayheartThough everyone will tell you to relax and enjoy the glorious wonder that is pregnancy, most who have endured it know there's nothing relaxing about it. From worrying about if everything you eat or drink is going to make your baby sprout extra appendages to how in the hell you are supposed to care for this little person 24/7, there's a lot of stress when it comes to growing a baby. There's so much information out there and so many warnings about what to do and not to do, relaxing during pregnancy seems laughable.

But it can be done, and actress Rebecca Gayheart has the secret. It's a good one. Not every woman can embrace it, but those who have know she's right. All you have to do to have a worry-free pregnancy is ...


Have another toddler running around outside your womb. Gayheart recently told People that her 17-month-old daughter, Billie, is her source of zen during this pregnancy.

What’s made it different is that I’m very focused on Billie ... so I’m not very focused on [the pregnancy]. I’m not as neurotic. [With Billie] I was micromanaging everything I was eating and every little symptom I was feeling. And this pregnancy I just know everything’s okay.

Spot on. When you're so occupied and exhausted with the child who is already born and not so easily forgettable with cries for more juice, another piece of cheese, and NO! to anything you suggest, it's easy to see how the nice quiet being in the womb can be forgotten from time to time. Whereas with a first pregnancy, it seems that not a minute goes by without you wondering how he or she is doing in there.

Until you're pregnant with a second child, you can't imagine how things change, but oh how they do. With my second child, people would ask me which week I was in, and there were times I actually couldn't remember. With my first, I could have given you not only the week, but the hour and the minute ... if you cared to know.

And it doesn't stop with the pregnancy. The things I do differently with my daughter (who is my second) than my son are incredible. But after doing it once, every little decision I make for her doesn't seem quite so monumental. For the most part I've learned that, as Gayheart said, things will be okay.

From the fact that she watches Scooby Doo (I would have NEVER let my son watch something with ghosts and goblins at 2 years old) to the loosey goosey schedule I keep her on (I don't think my son missed one nap in his first four years EVER, but she can't nap on Wednesdays now because he has to be picked up early from school, or when we have baseball practice -- oh well), it's a different and more relaxed ballgame when it comes to her. Some of it is probably for the good, while other times -- like the fact she'll tell you that you're evil and she'll use her nunchucks on you if you don't back away -- she's probably exposed to some things sooner than she should be. In the end, I just hope it evens out.

Were you more relaxed in second (and beyond) pregnancies than you were in your first?

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