Hilary Duff Fired for Being Pregnant?

Hilary DuffJust last week Hilary Duff was on top of the world sharing the happy news that she and her husband, Mike Comrie, are expecting a baby. Now, just days later comes word that she was canned from her role as Bonnie in the upcoming movie The Story of Bonnie and Clyde. Coincidence?

A source told TMZ the split was amicable and it came down to timing. "Hilary won’t be available until next June. If we could wait, we would.” What a crock.


First of all, they could wait if they really wanted to, and plenty of pregnant women have starred in movies and television shows without ruining the story. There are special effects, stand-ins, and all sorts of other ways women can act without their pregnancy "getting in the way." There are options, and pregnancy should never be used as grounds to dismiss someone from a job.

It's worth noting that they are recasting Clyde as well due to the same "scheduling conflicts," so perhaps it was coincidental or it was an amicable split and Duff just wants to relax and enjoy this pregnancy. If so, then great, good for her. However, I wish she and the director had been a little more careful with the timing of the news. Even the appearance of firing her so soon after her pregnancy announcement just hits too close to home for the many women in this country who face pregnancy discrimination every day.  

If it wasn't so amicable, then watch out for a lawsuit. Remember Hunter Tylo from Melrose Place? She scored $4.8 million for being fired from the show when she was pregnant. Other women have won similar lawsuits, such as the recent case of a Dublin waitress who said she lost her job because she was pregnant.

It's amazing to me that in this day and age, such pregnancy discrimination still happens so frequently, but it does. From Virgin Blue to the The Price Is Right to offices across America, women lose jobs because they're pregnant. It's outrageous and needs to stop. Hopefully Duff's case -- whatever the real reason for her firing may be -- will bring more publicity to the problem and do some good in helping to put an end to it.

Have you ever faced discrimination because of a pregnancy?

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