This Celebrity Was Pregnant & Nobody Knew It!

allison lohman mark neveldine billy neveldineCalling all pregnant (or soon-to-be pregnant) celebs! Want to keep the paparazzi away for the next nine months? Take your cue from Big Fish star Alison Lohman. The 31-year-old actress recently pulled off the ultimate famous person magic trick by having a baby without anybody knowing she was pregnant in the first place! 

How did she accomplish such a feat, now, during this era of the "bumpwatch"? And how can you do the same? Well, you do have to be willing to travel. And your destination will have to be a bit more remote than, say, the South of France. Lohman's son, Billy Neveldine, was born far, far away ...


In Bucharest, Romania! Why Romania? Lohman, who's also starred in White Oleander and Drag Me to Hell, didn't choose the birthplace of her first child randomly. Her director husband, Mark Neveldine, was filming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in Bucharest.

Which, as it turns out, is apparently one of the only places in the world a pregnant celeb can go unnoticed.

It wasn't until Lohman, Neveldine, and their adorable little boy went for a recent stroll in L.A. that they were spotted by a video camera-wielding paparazzo. Afterwards, Lohman's rep released an official "yes, she did have a baby" statement. Guess they couldn't keep it a secret forever.

Still, Lohman definitely bought herself more privacy than the average actress mom-to-be. Of course, now that the baby's out of the bag, there'll probably be an invasion of bump-watchers in Bucharest, so pregnant celebs looking to do the same will have to find farther-flung locales for their childbearing needs.

I hear Reykjavik has lovely hospitals ...

Where would you go to have a secret pregnancy?

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