5 Eye-Opening Things Soleil Moon Frye Learned From Her Children (VIDEO)

soleil moon frye punky brewsterYou may know Soleil Moon Frye as the adorable star of Punky Brewster, or the proprietor of the green baby and kid shop The Little Seed for you eco-conscious mamas. But she's all grown up now and has two adorable daughters of her own. With the release of her mom-fabulous book, Happy Chaos, Moon Frye explains why she wouldn't trade her hectic life as mom, eco-friendly business lady, and performer for anything. Full disclosure -- I've been lucky enough to get to know Soleil and her family, so this isn't the first time we've sat down to talk parenting. It is, however, the first time the tables were turned, and I asked her to tell me what she's learned from her kiddos.

In a reversal of parenting wisdom, Soleil told me the five surprising things she learned from her daughters.

(Pssst, if you want to get a side of celebrity crushes and gossip with your parenting tales, pick up Happy Chaos in stores August 23. You should know, Charlie Sheen is involved.)


So, Soleil, what are five things you've learned from your daughters?

  1. To never forget to have the heart of a child, to play and feel free. The other day I was playing ball with my daughter in the backyard and she said, "Come on mom, pretend like it's summertime and you are in second grade with your best friend."
  2. To enjoy the moments in between.
  3. To take care of the planet and be kind to others. As much as I thought I would be the one to teach this to them, they constantly remind me to truly live it.
  4. To get on the same level as them, dance like crazy, let go, and be as unique as we want to be.
  5. It all goes by so fast, so to slow down, laugh, and be joyful. 

To get a hint of what else you can learn about the girl known as Punky, check out this video for Happy Chaos.

What did Punky Brewster teach you?

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