Hilary Duff Planned Her Pregnancy Perfectly

Hilary DuffIt makes me feel older than dirt that Lizzie McGuire, uh, Hilary Duff, 23, is actually pregnant, but pregnant she is. For real this time. Though baby bump rumors have circulated ever since she married Mike Comrie, 30, last year, today she announced that they are indeed expecting a baby.

To make things even more perfect, today is their one-year anniversary. She took to her blog to share their excitement:


I can't believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you're having fun! We also want to share the exciting news that… BABY MAKES THREE!!! We are extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives.

While life offers all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, if you can plan it as such, I think their timing is perfection, and they seem to think so too. Just last Friday, when asked about babies, she coyly told E!:

I think it was important to us that we had a year to just do whatever. And maybe longer than that because we enjoy having so much freedom. But we're thinking about it.

To get married and spend one entire year just focusing on one and another and getting to be free together without the added stress of children can be really good for a relationship. As wonderful as children are, they take a lot of work and can test the strongest of relationships. You can't just decide to go get sushi at midnight and drink wine in the park on a whim when there's a little one sleeping.

Too much more time (though I don't think there's any real limit), and you start to get a little too comfortable in your ways. Not that you won't love a child just as much, but it can be a bigger shock when you've had years and years of freedom as a couple to suddenly being completely answerable to and accountable for this tiny little person.

My husband and I planned to embark on the perfect plan, and figured we'd get pregnant just about one year after getting married. He'd be finished with business school and starting a job just about the time the baby was born -- perfect. Then came years of infertility, miscarriage, and other unexpected hurdles. We ultimately got the perfect family for us, but the plan was tossed long before we got there.

I'm glad Duff and her husband have seemingly had better luck with "the plan" than we did. It's certainly no guarantee for a happily ever after, but it seems like they're off to a pretty good start. While she's young, they both seem grounded and like they'll make amazing parents. Congratulations, and happy anniversary to them.

What was/is your perfect pregnancy plan?

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