Madonna's Daughter Now Venturing Into Makeup Line

lourdes leon and madonnaLourdes Leon gets tips from mom MadonnaI've always thought of Madonna as more of a businesswoman than a musician. Not that she can't carry a tune, but her true genius has always been the combination of her remarkable capacity for reinvention and her incredibly savvy marketing skills. So I wasn't terribly surprised to hear the news that Madonna's 14-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, is launching her own line of makeup: Material Girl Beauty.

Can you say, The apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

Not that this latest venture is any sweat off Lourdes' back -- last year, when she was all of 13, she debuted her own fashion collection. Why not? She's got the best entrepreneurial mentor in the biz for a mother, plenty of capital, connections, and creativity.

And my guess is she's got a a little something extra that she didn't necessarily get from her mom ...


Seems to me that Lourdes has a lot of common sense for her age, a quality which, combined with the rest, could bring her both success and sanity (rare combo!).

No doubt this girl has seen a thing or two in her day and has a pretty good idea of which types of people should be avoided at all costs. And she won't have to waste any time or energy trying to shock the world at large -- mom already put more than enough effort into that arena to last for a couple of generations. Teenage rebellion for Lourdes would have to involve being as non-shocking as possible.

Plus, from her borderline (ha! See how I slipped that in there?) silly poses with her new products, it's obvious that Lourdes doesn't take herself too seriously, which is probably the key to surviving celebrity.

Of course -- she's been learning how to do that since the day she was born.

Do you think Lourdes takes after her mom?


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