Did Dad-to-Be Eric Dane Pick the Wrong Time to Go to Rehab?

rebecca gayheart, eric dane, billie beatriceI don't know Rebecca Gayheart, but my heart goes out to the star ... mostly because I would never want to walk in her shoes. Gayheart is the live manifestation of one of my worst nightmares: In 2001, she was charged with vehicular manslaughter for hitting and killing a 9-year-old boy with her car. Of course it would be my absolute worst nightmare to be the mother of that child, but Gayheart's position isn't exactly enviable. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live the rest of your life under that shadow of guilt.

I've wondered if that guilt got even worse after Gayheart became a mom herself (to now 18-month-old daughter Billie Beatrice). Now that she's pregnant again, I hope she can finally put her tragic past behind her and really start over.

It sounds like her husband, Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane, is trying to do just that.


Dane checked himself into rehab earlier this summer, just two weeks before Gayheart announced her pregnancy. It's unclear how serious Dane's problem is -- a spokesperson for the couple said he was admitted for "preventative measures in association to pain medication." But whatever the degree of Dane's addiction, I think the reason he gave for trying to break free from it is a really good sign:

With his second child on the way and another season of Grey's Anatomy just getting underway, the actor said he had "far too much to lose" to not get help.

They may have learned the hard way that life is precious and tragedy can strike at any time, but the fact that Dane and Gayheart have the foresight as a couple to try and work out any potentially dangerous issues now, before baby #2 is born, is a definite advantage.

I've always thought that (even though those 9 months do seem to drag on after a while) the length of gestation is a gift. It's like nature giving you a head start: Okay, what's not working in our lives that we can fix before the baby gets here? What wrinkles need to be ironed out? Which habits need to be broken?

I wish Gayheart and Dane the best. They've been through enough trouble.

Do you think parents should use pregnancy as a time to get over any issues that might make problems for their families later?

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