Pregnant Jessica Alba Should Consider Flats

jessica albaFriends of Jessica Alba threw her a baby shower a couple weeks ago and the mom-to-be looked trendy and cute in her flowy polka-dot top, black leggings, and platform heels (yikes!). The Spy Kids 4 star recently told Lucky all about how she likes to pamper herself during pregnancy, so we hope her friends gave her some great bath and beauty products to tide her over until the baby comes in September. She looks ready to pop at any moment!

Aaaand she also looks ready to take a tumble at any moment. Did you notice her heels?


Those suckers are giant! Looks like a 1.5-inch platform and a 4-inch heel. Don't get me wrong, they're cute shoes, but even I would consider them dangerous to walk in, and I'm decidedly without child.

I know stars like Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham (remember what she wore to the royal wedding?), Kate Hudson, and Nicole Ritchie all rocked sky-high heels during pregnancy, so Alba is certainly in good company, but isn't she worried she might topple over? Her body weight is so disproportionate that it just seems like wearing heels would be a risk not worth taking.

jessica alba

But hey, she looks great, she seems to be walking with confidence, so if she feels good and looks good, I guess that's all that matters.

I saw a clip of an interview with Rachel Zoe where she says she wore heels when pregnant, but now that her little Skylar is out, she won't carry him and walk when she's wearing heels. So maybe it's easy to strut your stuff in stilettos when the baby is inside, but once he's born, forgetaboutit.

Did you walk in heels when pregnant?

Photo via Splash News

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