2-Year-Old Daughter of Alyson Hannigan Is Cutest Conversationalist Ever

alyson hannigan satyanaOf all the adorable toddlers in Hollywood, and there are many, I have a soft spot for 2-year-old Satyana, daughter of How I Met Your Mother actress Alyson Hannigan. I don't know what it is about this little charmer, but she's one of those kids who's so cute, she makes your cheeks hurt from smiling. And from the looks of this pic, Satyana has now entered into a phase of toddlerhood guaranteed to make her even cuter: The conversational phase.

There is nothing more fun than a toddler who's just getting the hang of the whole verbal communication thing, and this shot is a perfect example of why -- check out the absolute delight on Hannigan's face as Satyana chats her mommy up.

I wonder what she's saying ...


My guess is that she's asking Hannigan a question. Two-year-olds have lots and lots of those. And even though you might reach a point where one more "why" will send you over the edge, most of the questions that come out of your toddler's mouth will seem like the wittiest, most charming one-liners you've ever heard.

That's because each of your toddler's queries gives you a little glimpse into the way her mind works, something you've been wondering about since the moment she was born. What does the car eat? Where does the sun go? What are eyebrows for?

Good questions, all. And even if you don't always have the answer (I still haven't figured out what eyebrows are for, myself), just talking to your toddler about the world and how it works is a priceless experience.

In fact, as a mom whose kids are both past toddlerhood, take my advice (and do something I wish I'd done): Keep a notebook and jot down some of the cutest, funniest questions she asks.

You'll both get a kick out of it later.

What funny questions has your toddler asked?


Image via Splash

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