Tori Spelling's Daring Maternity Style Is Inspirational

tori spelling blue maternity jumpsuitJudge me if you want, but I just LOVE Tori Spelling. I spent so many years watching her -- from Troop Beverly Hills to almost 10 seasons worth of Beverly Hills, 90210 -- it's almost as if I feel like she's my big sister or something. Now, watching her on Tori & Dean as a happy wife and momma of two adorable kiddos, with a third on the way, I'm seriously over-the-moon happy for her! And I definitely still look up to her in a way -- especially when it comes to her sense of style.

This is a woman who isn't going to compromise her love of fashion just because she's however many months along in her pregnancy. Even as her baby bump continues to grow, she's rocking the latest trends, the hippest footwear (love these gladiator sandals), the prettiest most of-the-moment fashion. And yet, she manages to do it in a totally down-to-earth, so not annoying "look at me in my 6-inch Louboutins at 38 weeks!" fashionista way.


For instance, at the farmers' market in L.A. recently, Tori rocked this flowy boho dress! J'adore! I want one, like yesterday! And see how she's got that cute little braid in her hair here, like she does in the maternity jumpsuit pic above? It's so sweet, so in right now, and a great way to pull a bit of hair out of her face. It's multitasking mama hair with a pretty edge, a nice change of pace from the go-to ponytail.

Plus, Tori has her own jewelry line and her own shop called InvenTORI filled with lots of fun accessories, so she can usually be seen wearing her latest crossbody bag, necklace, ring, or bangle finds, many of which have a tribal, beachy, summery feel to them. Somehow they work to give her a laid-back look that still makes her look super pulled-together. Like these long brown beads. So much fun!

And you know, I can imagine being pregnant in the hottest months of the summer can be hellish. (My mom, who gave birth to me ON the Labor Day of one of Chicago's hottest summers, has confirmed that.) But by going for these relaxed but chic looks, Tori totally looks calm, cool, collected, and gorgeous leading up to the birth of her third kiddo. I don't know about you, but I definitely see that as inspirational!

What do you think of Tori's maternity style?


Image via MAP/Splash News

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