Mel B Is Crazy for Wanting Her Young Daughters in the Delivery Room

mel b stephen belafonteYou never know how a dad is going to do in the delivery room. Some are pillars of strength and support; others ... well, there's a reason husbands used to be forced to pace up and down in the waiting area. Mel B (Scary Spice), who's due to drop her third baby any second now, predicts that her husband, Stephen Belafonte, will fall into the latter category: "He'll probably pass out and require medical attention."

See, this is Mel's first baby with Stephen -- her daughters, 12-year-old Phoenix and 4-year-old Angel, are from previous relationships. Mel is a childbirth pro at this point, but Stephen is a newbie. So it makes sense that Mel would expect more help from her daughters during delivery. Wait a minute, what was that?! Her daughters are going to be present for the birth?


Yup, that's right: Mel plans to have Phoenix and Angel by her side while she pushes out their sibling. And I'm not sure what I think about that. I mean, I know it's not so uncommon for women to allow their children in the delivery room, but having given birth twice, I can't even imagine doing the same. Or, rather, I can't imagine doing the same and not severely traumatizing my kids for the rest of their lives.

Maybe Mel is one of those mythical women who manages to make it through labor in relative silence, heavy breathing and a furrowed brow her only signs of distress. I, however, was not one of those lucky ladies. No, I screamed so loudly that I gave myself laryngitis. "Shhh, you'll scare the moms who aren't as far along as you," I remember my midwife saying. My high-decibel response: "I don't care, they SHOULD be scared!"

Somehow I feel like that's not something I'd want my kids to witness. They get worried and anxious when I get a headache and need to lie down for 10 minutes. I can only imagine how they'd react if they had to watch their mother in the throes of what looks like demonic possession.

Plus, I feel like the last thing I'd need during labor would be the added stress of wondering how deeply I was screwing up my already-born kids. Although I can only imagine such an experience would scare them away from unprotected sex for quite some time ...

Would you have your kids present while you were giving birth?


Image via The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas/Flickr

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