Sofia Vergara Speaks Out On the Benefits of Teen Pregnancy

sofia vergaraTeen pregnancy gets a bad rap though not in Sofia Vergara's eyes. The show Teen Mom doesn't really help matters. Some moms who watch the show probably think Oh my gosh please don't turn my daughter into one of those troubled girls and even teens who watch may think twice when saying no to birth control. As for me ... I stand in the middle, and Vergara has got me thinking. I want the best for my kids. We all do ... except for the select few crazies. But being a teen mom doesn't have to mean doom. I know women who were teen moms who have amazing children, who are nothing like Jenelle or Amber. If my mom was a teenager when she had me, I would sure be glad she did.

And I think that's why the Modern Family star is speaking out In Redbook on how she had her first child when she was just 19 ... and she and her son turned out just fine. She's even talking about the benefits.


Vergara's son, Manolo, is now 19 -- the same age she was when she had him. Wait a minute ... wow ... Sofia is my age and she has a 19-year-old son!? THAT just blew my mind. My kids are not even 2 yet. And that's exactly why I have a little bit of envy for young moms. I feel like they will be around to see their kid grow kind of old. I know I'm "young" in the scheme of things and I feel young and sprightly (ha) and I survived and actually loved the early days of my twins and the barely getting any sleep part. But as Sofia says of her teenage years, "I had the energy for everything."

I have the energy for (almost) everything and you would think so too as long as you didn't look in my messy closets so I'm not worried about me. But I do get what she is saying. Sort of. However just because you have the energy for everything doesn't mean you want to have the energy to care for a baby. My teen years are a haze of staying up late and sleeping past noon.

Still, I don't think it's about energy or living long ... it's about being ready. Even when you don't really think you are ready. Ready to make that commitment. That fantastical, beautiful commitment of parenthood. Some women are ready to become a mom at a young age. Maybe we, as a whole, shouldn't be hard on all teen moms.

But talk to me in 16 years and my daughter having news like this for me and it might be a different story.

What do you think about Sofia's statement? Do you think teen moms deserve the bad rap they get?


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