Colin Farrell Discusses Angelman Syndrome & How It Affects His Son

Colin Farrell with sonI'd never heard of Angelman Syndrome until Colin Farrell opened up about his son having it last night on David Letterman. Farrell seems to be quite a private guy in recent years and him opening up and speaking so tenderly about his son's neurodevelopmental disorder made me admire him that much more.

I knew he was a dad to two sons. Henry (seen here with Colin) is almost 2 and his mother is Alicja Bachleda, Polish actress and singer. His son James with model Kim Bordenave is who has Angelman Syndrome.

James is 7, and started walking when he was 4. Originally it was believed he had cerebral palsy.


Farrell explained that the misdiagnosis is common. It is also often confused with autism because they share traits. Angelman's is very rare, affecting one in 30,000 children -- though notes one in 15,000 live births.

James is non-verbal but high-functioning and Colin said he is a "really happy boy." Children with Angelman's may have intellectual and development delays, seizures, jerky movements particularly with the hands, and often are laughing or smiling.

When I learn of something like this, it stops me. Makes me reflect. We do what we can for our kids with what money we have, but then you see a big star like Colin who surely makes a lot of money and yet that won't cure his son. There is no cure. We can only give them love. Teach them the best we can. Be our own child's biggest advocate. And that is exactly what Colin is doing. I so admire him for it. Especially because he seems like such a private man, a father who is protective over his sons.

Farrell used his celebrity for good and talked about how Angelman Syndrome could use more funding and those who want to help can make a donation at

I hope for a cure, a breakthrough of some sort, to help families who are affected.

Have you heard of Angelman Syndrome?


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