Jessica Alba Has the Best Advice for Pregnant Women

jessica albaI always knew I liked Jessica Alba. The cover girl of Lucky's September issue and mom to 3-year-old Honor (as well as the little one in the oven) explained to the magazine that pampering is key when you're pregnant. Amen, Alba, amen.

The Spy Kids 4 actress' reasons for treating yourself right are dead on. I almost want to get pregnant just to take full-advantage of the Alba method of with-child indulgence, including but not limited to the part where she recommends wearing a girdle.


Forget her tips for stuff like drinking water and doing yoga, it's the beauty regimen that I find most interesting:

Pamper yourself, because once the baby comes you're crazed for a long time. So, if you can, indulge, whether it's getting your nails done, or getting a facial, or just spending an extra five minutes to feel pretty in the morning.

The woman's got a point. After you squirt that watermelon out of your vagina, there will not be time for manis, pedis, or ... showering. Might as well get it all in while you can!

Her post-baby beauty tip is also one I'm interested in trying -- she says she wears a girdle. Can you believe it? And "girdle" is her word, not mine. I would've said Spanx or tummy-sucker-inner, but this down-to-earth mama cares not what Lucky readers think of her; she owns it.

I wear a girdle around my tummy from the moment I give birth until it doesn’t feel loosely goosey anymore -- that takes a good two to three months. It’s spandex with Velcro.

Hot stuff! I'll have to keep a girdle in mind when I go on my next pampering shopping spree. Sounds like it does wonders.

So pregnant ladies and non-pregnant ladies, let's all follow Alba's lead and do something for ourselves this weekend. I'll be getting Chipotle for lunch as my treat. Yahoo! Burrito baby on the way.

Did you pamper yourself when expecting?

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