Mason Disick Is the Next Kardashian Style Icon

kourtney kardashian mason disickAll the time I've spent lying awake at night, agonizing over which Kardashian is my favorite ... at last, my choice is clear! Mason Dash Disick is my absolute fave Kardashian, hands-down.

Just look at the kid! Out shopping with mom Kourtney Kardashian in Calabasas, little Mason has already mastered the art of effortless cool.

Exhibit A: That flipped-up collar on his crisp white polo!

Not every man can pull that one off without looking like he's trying too hard, but Mason wears it so well, you'd think he started the trend himself.

(I think that tousled blond 'do has something to do with it.)

And that's not even the most impressive style feat Mason is accomplishing here ...


Check out those loafers! Maybe it's just me, but rarely can I look at a man in loafers like these and not wonder why there's not a mint green or daffodil yellow sweater tied around his shoulders. (I grew up in Connecticut; I can't help it.)

And yet, Mason manages this fussiest of footwear without making me think of Thurston Howell the Third. Color me impressed.

Obviously Mason is the heir to the Kardashian style throne. The question is, why hasn't Kourtney already started designing a line of children's clothing named after her son?? Mason has serious model potential (he must get that from Auntie Kim). Seems like starring in his own ad campaign would be a no-brainer.

Do you think Mason Dash Disick is the coolest toddler ever?


Image via SplashNews

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