Katie Holmes Never Seems to Let Suri Walk Anywhere

katie holmes suri cruiseWhether it's how many pairs of shoes the kid has or whether or not she's too old for a pacifier, it seems we just can't get enough of the Is Suri Cruise Being Brought Up Properly?? debate. (Because, you know, we're all such perfect parents that we can afford to coast through our own kids' lives and scrutinize what somebody else's 5-year-old is wearing on her feet.) Anyway, in addition to the shoe collection and the binky, another question that's been asked repeatedly since Suri was 2 or 3 remains unanswered: Is Suri Too Big to Be Carried?

So Katie Holmes -- and Tom Cruise, to be fair -- still carry their little girl around. A lot. Even though she's now 5 and is physically capable of walking all by herself. Is this the parenting crime of the century?


If it is, better put me in a cell with Katie and Tom, because god knows I'm guilty of doing the same thing with my kids. And I came up against the same type of criticism (albeit not on quite the same scale): She's too old to carry! You're going to spoil her! and Let that kid walk! What are you trying to do, make him a mama's boy? He's gonna be spoiled!

It seems that's the thing people find the most offensive about carrying kids when they're old enough to walk: The possibility that someone (someone they probably don't even know personally, mind you) might be spoiling her child. Gasp! But ... um, what does this mean, exactly?

Are people suggesting that Suri will insist on being carried all the way through middle school? That she'll eventually ride everywhere in one of those carriage things that servants used to hoist royalty around in on their shoulders?

Let me assure you: My now 10-year-old daughter, who used to be as attached to my hip as Suri is to her mother's, would die of embarrassment if I hugged her in public, never mind picked her up. Perhaps if she had a broken toe, she'd allow me to carry her on my back, but I doubt it -- hopping on one foot would be preferable to the shame of out-of-the-home physical contact with Mom.

Besides, the truth is that there are times when it's actually easier for parents to carry their toddler or preschooler than it is to let them walk, even if they aren't quite as compact as they were when they were babies. When you're in a hurry, or in the middle of a crowd (I can only imagine the hell of trying to get past paparazzi with a little one), or it's raining, or your kid is half asleep ... these are all perfect examples of occasions when it made more sense to carry my kids. I wasn't trying to make their lives easier, I was trying to make my life easier.

I'm sure in another year or so, Suri will grow out of her wanting-to-be-carried phase, and that will be the end of that.

The shoe habit, on the other hand ... I don't see her growing out of that anytime soon.

Do you think Suri Cruise is too big to be carried?

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