'Grey's Anatomy' Star Picks Perfect Time to Get Pregnant

sarah drewCongratulations to Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew, who recently announced that she's expecting her first baby in January! This should make things interesting for Grey's writers, considering Drew's character, April Kepner, is a virgin.

Apart from that slight potential conflict, Drew picked the absolute perfect time to get pregnant. Why? Well, I can think of at least five reasons why having your baby in January makes for the best pregnancy conditions possible ...

  1. You're spared the experience of sweating through a sticky hot summer 30 pounds heavier than your usual weight. Just pregnant enough to look cute in a maternity swimsuit, if you even need one yet, not so big you feel like a bloated parade float.
  2. The Halloween costume possibilities are endless. Paint your belly like a basketball and go as an NBA player! Paint it like a pumpkin! Want a disguise with shock value? Pregnant nun!
  3. A built-in excuse to pig out on Thanksgiving! It's the baby who wants that third helping of stuffing, not you.
  4. A built-in excuse to pig out on Christmas! Plus, people can't resist giving you presents "for the baby," so it's almost like you get a bonus baby shower.
  5. You might actually give birth on January 1, thereby guaranteeing your child free champagne at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve for his or her entire adult life.

Do you think January is a good time to have a baby?

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