Jessica Alba Clears Up Pregnant Sex Question (VIDEO)

Jessica AlbaDespite her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, when it comes to pregnancy, Jessica Alba is just like many of us -- worried. We fret about the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and anything else we've heard may cause harm to the little one we're entrusted with bringing into this world. While appearing on Jay Leno this week, the stunning Alba voiced an extremely common fear -- pregnant sex.

Alba asked sex educator Sue Johanson, who was also a guest on the show, "As someone who's in the later stage of pregnancy, is there any way to harm the baby during [sexual] intercourse?"

Johanson was swift, certain, and colorful with her answer.


"That baby is in there and that baby ain't going nowhere until it's ready. That uterus wall is just like that," Johanson said, knocking the wooden arm of a chair. I never thought of it like that (and I'm not sure I want to), but it's good to know it's tough.

She didn't stop there. She went on to illustrate with her hands: "With intercourse, the penis butts up against the cervix, and the cervix is smiling." See there, if you or your partner is worried about sex late in pregnancy, just think of your cervix smiling ... though don't think of Johanson saying it is, because that was just creepy (see video below).

I'm pretty sure Alba's husband, Cash Warren, would like to buy the lady a drink, however.

I admit I was scared of pregnant sex, especially at the end. It just seemed like too much going on in one space, and I just didn't want to risk anything after previous pregnancy complications. I was also tired, swollen, and weighed 2,000 pounds (or at least felt like I did), which didn't help. Had I only known I could make my cervix smile, I might have done differently.

Are you/were you scared of pregnant sex?

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