Jennifer Garner Is Looking Very Pregnant These Days (PHOTO)

jennifer garner ben affleckOh, Jennifer Garner ... you can't fool me! Your rep can "deny" those pregnancy rumors all the livelong day, but I know a bump when I see one! That's no burrito baby you're packing, honey. Too high, too round, too cute!

The is-she-or-isn't-she gossip has been flying for the past month or so, as the super fit star's shirts get progressively baggier ... but this pic, of Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck leaving a Los Angeles farmers' market with their daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, leaves no doubt (at least in my mind).

I've had two babies and I can tell the difference: Jennifer doesn't look like she's putting on weight; she looks like she's cooking up a sibling for those girls.

It's perfect timing, too. Just think how evenly spaced their children would be if Jennifer and Ben had a third baby now!


Violet's already a pro at being a big sister, and Seraphina is at the ideal age to make the middle-child transition. By the time she grows up, she'll barely remember a time when she didn't have both siblings and her mediation skills will be top-notch.

And what if this baby turned out to be a boy? He'd know how to treat women, that's for sure -- if having two big sisters doesn't school you in the ways of the ladies, nothing will. As the mom of a big sister/little brother duo, though, I do have a word of advice for Jen and Ben: Don't freak out the first time you find your little boy wearing a princess dress and more makeup than RuPaul. This is a rite of passage for younger brothers. (He'll be much more understanding of his future girlfriends' beauty regimes, too.)

Of course, a third girl would be just as fun! For everyone except Daddy, that is.

Do you think Jennifer Garner is definitely preggers?


Image via SplashNews

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