Brooke Burke Shows Off Her Family's Must-Have Beach Items

brooke burke daughter heaven rainAs a mother of four, Brooke Burke has learned a thing or two about kid-friendly fun in the summertime. Take a look at this pic of Burke and her 5-year-old daughter Heaven Rain getting ready to hit the beach near their home in Malibu: These bathing beauties are well-prepared!

Preparation is the key to having a fab family day at the beach. I know, you used to be good to go with a pair of sunglasses and a bikini top, but you'll need to tack a few more essential items onto your packing list now that you've got tots. Still, as Burke proves, you can be fully stocked without going overboard.

First thing to jump out at me in this shot ... tissues! Now, as you most likely already know, tissues come in handy no matter where you're going with your kids, but this is especially true of the beach. There are countless beach-related crises that a tissue can fix: Salt water up somebody's nose, sunscreen in somebody's eye, hands that are too sandy to eat a sandwich. Don't leave home without 'em!


The next must-have? A kicky pair of flip-flops (for mom!). I can't imagine what other type of footwear would be even remotely appropriate for a trip to the beach. And I say, the older you get, the crazier your flips should be -- metallic and patterned? Yes! The better to show off a bright, cheerful pedicure. Oh, by the way, little girls need color on their toes, too, like the shimmery blue on Heaven Rain's piggies (makes it even more fun to bury feet in the sand).

Speaking of color, I can't overemphasize the importance of multi-hued towels like the one Burke and her daughter are sitting on. The trick to packing towels is to bring way more than you think you'll need: Two towels per kid, at least (one to sit on, one to dry off). A couple of extras aren't a bad idea, either -- trust me, somebody's going to accidentally tip over a pail of ocean water on at least one of them.

Not pictured (but also crucial) things to remember are a fully-loaded cooler, tons of sunscreen, hats, bathing suit cover-ups, toys, and, if possible, an umbrella. If you really want to think ahead, pack up the car the night before -- you might actually make it to the beach before all the good spots are taken!

What are your day-at-the-beach essentials?


Image via StarTracks

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