Victoria Beckham Gives Away All Her Baby Shower Gifts!

victoria beckhamYou know that David and Victoria Beckham are attractive, rich, and part of a very lovely family. But did you know that they're also super charitable? You didn't? Well, let me tell you about the wonderful thing the couple just did.

So, apparently, when Posh announced that she was pregnant in January, companies began inundating her and her baby-to-be with swag -- and we're not talking a couple of boxes of diapers swag, we're talking a dozen strollers and much, much more swag. Unbeknownst to the companies (or knownst, but they just didn't care), the former pop star and her ball busting husband aren't into the whole accepting freebies thing.

So they gave all that awesome stuff to moms who actually need it.


Instead of deciphering who sent them what, and where it should be returned to -- which is what they (their assistants) normally do -- they've decided to just give the "hundreds" of baby gifts to charity instead. How great is that? There are going to be some really lucky moms toting their kids around L.A. in some super fancy gear, thanks to Vicky and Becks.

It's so nice seeing celebrities, who have so much more than we'll ever have (sorry, but it's true), helping out those less fortunate. Especially when those less fortunate are moms. Strollers are expensive! (And you know she got some crazy tricked out ones.) Victoria could have easily given the baby swag away to her friends (or kept it for herself), but she did the kind thing and passed it along to moms who need it most. Needless to say, with her giving attitude, Victoria is clearly a wonderful mother herself.

I know it's the way the world works, but it always strikes me as sort of ironic how rich people are the ones who get everything for free. But I must say, it makes a little more sense when I see things like this.

How nice are the Beckhams?


Image via Tami Rockerazzi/Flickr

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