'Jersey Shore' Angelina Pivarnick Suffers Miscarriage & Places Blame

Angelina PivarnickSadly, former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick has suffered a miscarriage. The self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of the Jersey Shore" revealed the heartbreaking news on Father Albert's talk show. Ironically and infuriatingly, she blamed the media for her miscarriage.

I don't recall her getting all that much attention, but according to her, the media wouldn't leave her alone since she announced she was pregnant in April. She told Father Albert it was all just too much.


Everyone in the tabloids and media weren't really leaving me alone about it. Basically I wanted it to be my personal business and it really wasn’t. It was really hard and I went through a lot of stress and I ended up losing the baby.

She also blamed the baby's father, who she said wasn't her former fiance, Dave Kovacs, as was previously thought, but rather "just a guy I was with."

He wasn’t even there for me ... he was tormenting me ... and it was definitely a big reason why I think what happened to me happened to me. It was definitely a reality check.

As someone who has suffered two miscarriages myself, her words outrage me. Sure everyone deals with grief in her own way, but all the blame is pointless. And if we're being honest, she has only herself to blame if that's her claim.

She put herself in the spotlight. She asked for the media attention. You can't have it both ways. Then to go on and publicly announce her miscarriage via the media she's blasting ... it all just about removes any ounce of empathy I have for this girl. 

Plus, it's not even known if stress can cause miscarriage. There is definitely some debate, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it's unlikely that it can. Plus, plenty of celebrities who garner MUCH more media attention to her have fared just fine with their pregnancies. I'm not saying it's not possible, but unless she has medical proof to back up this assertion -- which so far she hasn't mentioned -- she should stop pointing fingers.

I know the heartache of miscarriage and wouldn't wish it on anyone; I just wish she'd deal with her grief with a little more dignity and class.

What do you think of Angelina Pivarnick blaming her miscarriage on the media?

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