Denise Richards Starts Awesome Baby Shower Trend

Denise RichardsSo Denise Richards had a fabulous, beautiful baby shower this past weekend in honor of her newest daughter, Eloise, who she adopted last month. Much like other fabulous baby showers there was food, gifts, flowers, and fun for everyone. Unlike most baby showers, however, Richards threw this one for herself.

You would think some of her fancy famous friends who were in attendance, like Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna, and Nancy O'Dell, would have stepped up and thrown one for her, but whether they offered or not, somehow Richards took the reins and did it herself. At first it made me sad to think that she had to do it, and that maybe no one considered doing it for her since it is her third baby and all, but upon further consideration, she just may be onto something here. While traditionally it would be considered one big gaffe, throwing your own baby shower could perhaps be the best thing ever.

Think about it ...


You would be in control of the event instead of having well-meaning friends and family trying to force you to play ridiculous games involving toilet paper and baby food. You could totally make sure no one ever served a creepy baby cake like this, and you could eat the food you want.

Sure, there are hostesses who cater to the mother-to-be's tastes, but most of the time, there's more than a little miscommunication or bulldozing over misunderstanding of the mama's wishes.

Why not skip the formalities and pick out your own theme and everything? Richards chose "three's a charm," as this is her third daughter and used cues from "Eloise," the classic children's book, as inspiration.

In the end, none of the details really matter, well, except for the gifts ... those are the real purpose of the shower. But really it's all about celebrating a new life, honoring the new mother or mother-to-be, and having an excuse to eat cake in the middle of the day.

Would you ever considering throwing yourself a baby shower?

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