Alexander Skarsgard 'Gets Better' By Helping Teens (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgard psaNotoriously difficult as it is to get through to teens, if anybody can do it, I have a feeling Alexander Skarsgard can. Speaking to both kids and their parents in his new PSA for the "It Gets Better" campaign, Skarsgard's message of tolerance comes across as clearly -- and convincingly -- as if you were being glamoured by Eric Northman himself.

I don't know which side of me -- the True Blood fan or the mom -- is more pleased to see Skarsgard take the "It Gets Better" pledge, which calls on people from all walks of life to "speak out against hate and intolerance" and "provide hope" for LGBT and other bullied teens.


Obviously, I'd watch Skarsgard sit in front of the camera and sing his ABC's and be perfectly entertained, but this truly is a meaningful gesture on his part: True Blood has a large LGBT fan base, many of whom are no doubt having a horrible time getting through their high school years. If I were in that position, to see one of my favorite actors speak a few wise, compassionate words directed at me, spoken specifically to comfort kids in my position, could really make a difference.

The thing is, bullied teens usually feel like they have no one to talk to, which naturally only intensifies the feelings of loneliness and desperation already in place. This is what drives teens to take their own lives -- utter desperation and, most of all, hopelessness.

Powerful in its simplicity, the phrase "It Gets Better" is all about hope -- about the adults teens admire reassuring them that, yes, there is a reason to feel hopeful.

Coming from Alexander Skarsgard, these words are even more powerful.

Particularly for the moms in the audience. Glamoured!

What do you think of Alexander Skarsgard's PSA?


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