Jessica Alba Has Hollywood-Style Baby Shower

jessica alba baby showerI wish I looked half as chic as Jessica Alba at either of my baby showers! It's pretty tough to pull off an outfit this cute when you're as heavily preggers as Alba was at the West Hollywood baby shower thrown by her friends this weekend. I'm betting there's still plenty of gear left over from daughter Honor Warren's infancy for her soon-to-arrive sibling, but it is undeniably fun to get all-new goodies for Baby #2.

And can we give the lady a round of applause for rockin' those shoes?? Alba must have some pretty phenomenal balance to be able to get around in heels like that when her center of gravity is, well ... way off-center.

I also love that Alba took to Twitter right away to thank the friends who gave her the shower, saying that it was "perfect in every way."


Because as we all know, if she'd waited a few more hours -- or, god forbid, a whole day -- that pregnancy fog brain would have taken over and she would've forgotten all about sending a thank-you tweet (possibly that she even had a baby shower). Yup, we're really at the top of our game during those last weeks, aren't we ladies?

The more I think about it, the more trouble I have deciding which was the bigger accomplishment for Alba: Walking upright in those shoes, or promptly thanking her friends.

Which do you think was the better preggers trick: Alba's heels or her thank-you tweet?


Image via SPW/Splash News

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