Kate Winslet Shows Moms How Storytime Should Be Done (VIDEO)

kate winsletNow that both of my kids know how to read, I don't spend as much time as I used to reading them books. Even though we do still cuddle up and tell tales occasionally, I'm finding that I definitely miss what a magical thing storytime was during the toddler years. So I felt a pang of jealousy when I saw the Oscar-worthy storytelling performance Kate Winslet gave to a group of kids at a festival in England.

Kate was clearly having a blast hamming it up and creating different voices and faces for each character from the book (Mr. Gum and the Power Crystals by Andy Stanton), which of course meant the kids were loving every minute of the story, too -- first rule of reading to kids: If you have fun, so will they.


Of course we all know that reading to your kids promotes literacy and generally benefits them as people in tons of ways. But I also feel like I learned a lot about my kids' individual personalities from seeing which books they were drawn to, which passages or illustrations made them laugh, and which stories would end up as one of those top-of-the-pile, read-it-five-times-in-a-row favorites.

I learned that my daughter had an appreciation for delicate illustrations and subtle humor from her obsession with The Mole Sisters series by Roslyn Schwartz. The way my son cracked up at anything from Mo Willems' Piggie and Gerald books was proof of his super-silly streak.

Even my memories of repeatedly reading books my kids loved that I couldn't stand are fairly rose-colored now. Example: The Strawberry Shortcake books in which the word "berry" appeared at least 9,000 times on every page ("It's berry nice to see you, Strawberry!" "I'm berry glad you came, Apple Dumplin'!").

Wow, I was actually able to type that bit of dialogue without gagging (back when my daughter was obsessed with that series, I was berry ready to have a big bonfire using every single one of them).

Which I guess brings me back to that first rule of reading to kids: If you have fun, so will they.

If you don't, by the time you hit the fifth or sixth page, you'll be snoring and your kid will be saying, "Mom, wake up! Then what did Strawberry Shortcake do? MOM?!"

Trust me on this one.

What books do you like to read to your toddler?


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