Jenny McCarthy Tweets Proof of Alarming Pregnancy Weight Gain

Jenny McCarthy bikiniOutspoken actress and self-described "mommy warrior and cellulite killer" Jenny McCarthy tends to either annoy or overjoy parents, but now, she's done something that will probably make most moms smirk. She's claimed in the past that she weighed 211 pounds when she was pregnant with her son Evan  in 2002. Being that most of us see gorgeous celebs like McCarthy toting around a perfect basketball and otherwise slim figure while pregnant, that number's a bit hard to believe ... until you see the photo McCarthy tweeted, which serves as "photographic evidence" of her hefty weight gain. In addition to the photo, she commented, "For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty ass! Whoa!" Uh, yeah. I'll say! That is some baby bump!

I also love that she admitted, in an interview with Shape magazine, that she expected to be 170 when she left the hospital, but walked out of there weighing in at 200 pounds! 



YES, even someone who once modeled for Playboy and was considered the hottest babe on MTV weighed 200 pounds while leaving the hospital after giving birth -- gasp!

But, of course, no celeb pregnancy story would be complete without a nod to the "postpartum slimdown." For Jenny, Weight Watchers helped her get down to around 120 pounds. She says the plan taught her "portion control and to be conscious" of what she put in her mouth. Seems like a pretty down-to-earth plan to me!

I personally just love that Jenny obviously has no shame admitting that this is what she looked like when she was pregnant, and weight gain like hers is totally normal -- and reversible. Not too many celebs are willing to actually SHOW their challenges during pregnancy ... but they'd be doing us all a favor if they'd be as honest as Jenny.

What do you think about Jenny McCarthy's photo?


Image via Jason Winslow/Splash News

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