Tori Spelling's Son Gets a Questionable Hairdo (PHOTO)

Liam Mcdermott tori spelling sonDisagree with me if you must (if you dare), but I think this hairdo is ah-dorable! Tori Spelling and her 4-year-old son Liam McDermott spent some quality mother-and-son time at a salon together recently, and this is the totally rad mohawk Liam came away with. I say, why not?

Beyond that, I say, about time! It's not fair for little girls to suck up all of Mommy's salon dates. When my son was smaller, he always felt left out if I took my daughter for tandem pedicures, but I could never think of a gender-equivalent activity for him.

Clearly I should've taken him out for a mohawk!


After all, if you can't get away with a mohawk when you're 4, when can you get away with a mohawk?

I personally think little kids should be as outrageous as they want to be, style-wise. For one thing, everything looks cute when you're 4, no matter how crazy it is. Plus, the way I figure it, might as well let kids get those wacky whims out of their systems now. Then, by the time high school rolls around, they'll be all, "Get a mohawk? Yeah, whatever. I had one of those when I was in preschool."

Would you let your 4-year-old get a mohawk?


Image via Splash News

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