Sarah Palin Prepares to Welcome Another Baby to Her Family

sarah palin baby trackHold onto your hypocrisy, ladies and gentlemen! Track Palin and brand new wife Britta Hanson are expecting a baby, making Republican Rock Star Sarah Palin a grandmother for a second time. What's the big deal, you might ask? Track and Britta have been married for two months! Well, the big deal is Britta just had a baby shower and has quite the bump. Not a two-month bump, and nobody has a baby shower when they're still in the "should we, or shouldn't we tell" phase of the pregnancy.

Honestly, would you have a baby shower when you were only two months along?


While Track has been able to stay out of the spotlight, mostly by being out of the country, servings ours, this piece of news will surely change all of that. We'll all be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next Palin and discussing paternity, if history is any indicator. That abstinence-only education Sarah Palin has been teaching her kids seems to be backfiring, and they wind up paying the price by being thrust into the spotlight and facing intense scrutiny.

Listen, I'm not a believer in sexual abstinence, but I am a big believer in birth control. Especially for teenagers and young people not ready to handle parenthood. Which is why I could care less if Track and his bride had sex before they tied they knot. Quite frankly, if they hadn't had sex before now, I'd wonder about them a bit. But when you have a candidate for Vice-President of the United States preaching abstinence-only education, and a serious teen pregnancy situation in our country, one must point out that this platform isn't even working in her very own home.

I wish Track, Britta, and their new baby the absolute best. The grandmother, however, needs to re-think some of her policies.

Do you think the Palin family is proving abstinence-only education doesn't work?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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