Victoria Beckham Had a Riskier Birth Than Kate Hudson

kate hudson It's not often we hear about a celeb mom having a VBAC. Actually, it's not often we hear about anybody having a VBAC, because so many hospitals and doctors (read: insurance companies) don't support the choice of having a natural birth after a C-section. But Kate Hudson just had a VBAC with her second son, Bing, and I'm wondering if this will inspire more women to give it a shot -- or, more accurately, to convince the medical community to let them give it a shot.

By contrast, Victoria "Too Posh to Push" Beckham gave birth (to daughter Harper) the same week as Hudson ... and, in keeping with her nickname, had her fourth Cesarean. But was it just as risky as attempting a VBAC would have been?


On the one hand, Beckham probably wouldn't be considered a "good" candidate for a VBAC because the associated risks get higher the more C-sections a woman has (and she had three under her belt already -- literally!). On the other, Beckham's doctor is reported to have warned her against having any additional Cesareans after her third baby. The concern, apparently, was that yet another invasive procedure to the uterus would have been damaging enough to necessitate an emergency hysterectomy.

Hudson, meanwhile, did fit the VBAC candidate profile requirements: She had only one prior C-section, with son Ryder, resulting in just one low scar. The big VBAC fear is that the C-section scar will tear open during labor, which, I can only imagine, is something that should be feared. Still, this complication is extremely rare.

Not rare enough for the medical community and the bazillions of dollars at stake, but still very rare.

Would you attempt a VBAC?


Image via T. Carrigan/Flickr

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