Jenna Fischer Pregnant & Having Real Life 'Office' Baby! (VIDEO)

jenna fischer pam officeIt's going to be a boy for Jenna Fischer! In real life, anyway -- no word yet on the gender of her second baby on The Office, also due next season (the real life baby is her first). Confused?

That's okay. To clarify: Fischer's first real pregnancy is being written into The Office as her character Pam's second pregnancy. Which you probably already knew. Just like I already know that becoming a mom is going to come extremely naturally to Fischer. How do I possess this secret knowledge? Am I psychic?


Sometimes I think I am a little bit psychic, actually, but you don't need ESP to know that Fischer already has a handle on what having a baby is all about. All you need to do is watch "The Delivery," the hilarious two-part episode of The Office in which Pam and Jim's baby Cecelia is born.

Having two kids myself, the first time I saw that episode, I couldn't believe Fischer had never given birth in real life. Damn, she nailed it! I'd go so far as to say that I don't know if I've ever seen that specific mix of childbirth-related emotions played so well by any actress. The way she glares at Jim when she's in bed and he's sitting in a chair holding the baby! Oh, if looks could kill! And the scene where she assaults the poor nurse with anxiety-riddled questions -- priceless! She seems to be asking about swaddling, but the sub-text -- I'm freaking the hell out and don't know how to take care of this baby and if you don't tell me exactly what to do I'm going to lose my mind -- is clear as can be. (Check out the clip below.)

Fischer definitely has parenting precocity, and the best part is that she's already figured out how to laugh about this stuff. Just imagine the impact this kind of perspective could have on her labor and delivery experience ... perhaps when the pain gets too intense, she can have B.J. Novak read her some embarrassingly awful confessional poetry.

Do you think Jenna Fischer is going to make a great mom?


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