Angelina Jolie Lets Her Kids Eat Crickets (VIDEO)

anglina jolie cambodiaToday's peek into the wild world of celebrity parenting: Angelina Jolie says that while her family was in Cambodia for the shooting of her recent Louis Vuitton ad, sons Maddox and Pax developed quite a taste for what most Americans might consider an unusual snack: Crickets. Okay, are you done saying "Ewwwww" yet? Because while I admit I have zero interest in eating crickets myself, I wouldn't stop my kids from trying them. For several different reasons.

First, Angie's explanation for why she let her boys start noshing on bugs to begin with makes a lot of sense.


Maddox was born in Cambodia (Pax is Vietnamese), and Angelina says she "wanted them to understand" and "not be turned off by something that was of their culture." Good for her! If you really think about it, crickets are no stranger than, say, the questionable mix of animal parts that goes into hot dogs -- and they're probably healthier for you, too, as I'm pretty sure the crunchy little dudes don't get loaded up with growth hormones and chemicals.

And they must taste fairly okay, because before long Pax and Maddox were "eating them like Doritos," according to Jolie. Apparently she eventually had to "ban the cricket-eating" because she was afraid the boys were going to make themselves sick from scarfing too many. As we all know, kids won't ingest more than one bite (if that) of anything they don't like, so they clearly were crazy for crickets!

Which is not that surprising: Even little boys in this country love to eat bug-shaped things; the only difference here is that our insect-inspired munchies are neon-colored gummy candies concocted in labs.

Plus, Jolie was game enough to try them herself (she compares them to potato chips). Not sure about Brad, but I bet he'd be open-minded about that kind of thing.

Would you let your kids eat crickets?


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