Audio Tape Reveals Octomom Lied About Hating Her Kids

Nadya SulemanThat's it; I'm done defending Nadya Suleman, Octomom, or whatever you want to call her. A recent audio tape released today confirms that she's not just a nut job, but she's a liar too. A nut job -- especially one with eight toddlers -- I can absolutely empathize with; a liar is on her own.

If you recall, a couple of weeks back, In Touch reported that she said she "hates" her babies, they "disgust" her, and that her older children are "animals." As bad as the sounds, I think thought judging someone with eight toddlers was wrong given the incredible burden she faces, but then she went and denied she ever said it. She told TMZ she absolutely, positively never said any of those things. I felt even worse for her then, thinking someone could have put those awful words in her mouth.

Only now TMZ has proof that she did in fact make the statements right there on an audio tape. Oh that tangled web ...


I still get how someone could feel this way about one's children. The potty training and tantrums of one toddler pushes my limits some days, so to deal with eight every day, plus a few older children as well, it's not unthinkable that she'd have some pretty strong feelings about her children.

And I even defended her when her kids terrorized a plane full of people for hours. Did you see them on the Today show? How could an army of people keep them calm while trapped on a plane? No more though, not after this. Multiple children and stress don't make someone lie, and her doing so just about zaps any sympathy I had for her.

If she were just to wipe that smug smile off of her face and stop this insane quest for fame, and instead genuinely ask for help and understanding, I think she would get it. But by lying and saying horrible things about her children just to get a few headlines, she's pushing away any of the few would-be supporters she might have had.

Does this audio tape change your opinion of Nadya Suleman?


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