Scary Spice Mel B Admits Pregnancy Is the Real Scare

scary spice mel bI'll admit I haven't given much, if any, thought to Mel B (aka Scary Spice) since ... I don't know, what year was it when that first song came out and everybody was like, "Oooooh, The Spice Girls!!" (That wasn't my personal reaction, by the way. Mine was more like "Oh. The Spice Girls?")

Anyway, after all these years, here I am sending a shout-out to Mel B, now pregnant with her third child, for admitting that pregnancy is "not pretty" and is full of "gory bits" everyone seems to forget to tell you about. Thank you, Scary Spice!


It's so refreshing to hear someone in the public eye dish the real dirt about being pregnant. Having two children, I can affirm that there are quite a lot of "gory" bits involved in the whole conception-to-birth process. If a woman were to buy into the stories of other glowing celebs who claim expecting a baby is all sunshine and magic and flowers, she would no doubt find herself quite seriously disappointed, if not alarmed, by the reality of pregnancy.

In retrospect, I was lucky, because I have one of those mothers who doesn't sugarcoat the truth to make me feel better. When I was first pregnant, I started to get a little annoyed at her constant warnings: Oh, and wait until you get hemorrhoids! And your feet swell! And wait until you can't even see your feet!

But I have to say, at least I was warned. My pregnancy ended up being easier than I expected, after hearing all of my mother's horror stories.

I know this approach is kind of the polar opposite of "thinking positive," which I usually think is a good way to go. Still, maybe realistic expectations are the best kind to have when you're expecting.

Do you agree with Mel B about pregnancy's scary truths?


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