‘Teen Mom’ Gary Goes Too Far With Kid’s Twitter Account

gary shirley amber portwoodTeen Mom couple Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley aren't going to win any parenting awards any time soon. Amber, who struggles with depression and keeping her temper in check, can't seem to get herself on the right path, and Gary, well, the latest is that he's started a Twitter page for 2-year-old daughter Leah.

Even though Gary acknowledges that Leah has nothing to do with it, he says it's just a way for him to post photos of Leah and "tweets" from her, and that it's all in the name of fun.

Yeah. Because it has nothing to do with using Leah to get attention, and it's certainly 150 percent safe seeing as it's a public account on the Internet, and, yes, it's totally fine to have 4,150 strangers follow a cute toddler on Twitter and look at her photos. Yeah. This is a great idea.


Guys, am I overreacting here? I just can't think of one good reason to set up a public social-networking account for a 2-year-old. And it seems like Gary knows that this probably isn't the best idea, yet he's doing it anyway. He, of course, tweeted:

"I protect my daughter. This is for her sayings, things she's doing, etc. It's all me tweeting ...."

Then, Gary, I would suggest leaving Leah out of it. Go ahead, tweet all you want on your page, but don't do it under her name, her likeness, with her photos. The Internet is a scary place and I think the little ones should stay blind to it as long as they can.

I know first-hand that once something's on the Web, it's hard, if not impossible, for it to be erased. Leah's already going to read about her less-than-all-star parents on the Internet when she's older; it's a shame that with her father's account for her, she'll end up reading about herself, too.

Do you think Leah's twitter page is adorable or abhorable?

Photo via MTV.com

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